Membership Gift Voucher terms and conditions

  1. The membership gift voucher can only be redeemed at or by renewing an existing membership over the phone on 0300 332 2033  
  2. The voucher must be redeemed by the expiry date (within 90 days of the purchase date), but, the recipient of the voucher is able to choose when to start their membership, for instance if they are using this to renew and not ready to start straight away.
  3. The voucher is only for the specified membership package- Digital membership at £15 or Complete membership at £27.
  4. You, as the purchaser, are entitled to 14 days 'cooling-off' time from your date of purchase in case you change your mind, but this is only applicable if the voucher has not been redeemed.
  5. The voucher can only be redeemed once, and not for buying any further vouchers.
  6. Replacement e-voucher is available if lost, but not once the voucher has already been redeemed. Any request before the voucher is redeemed, must be by the gift voucher purchaser.
  7. Vouchers are otherwise, non-refundable, not exchangeable, and no cash alternative available.
  8. Standard membership terms and conditions will apply to the membership purchased, so these are also applicable as terms for the gift membership voucher. 
  9. We reserve the right to amend terms and conditions of our gift cards at any time and take appropriate action, including cancellation of a card, if necessary, in return for an appropriate refund.


Nothing in these terms affect your rights at law (for instance, under the Consumer Rights Act 2015).  Please see the Citizens Advice website at for more details.