How to freeze

We understand that it's a difficult time and storing food is important in trying to reduce food waste when you're staying at home. That's why we're taking a look at freezing, what you can freeze and how to do it best!

What can be frozen?

Whilst you can freeze almost anything, the quality of the food after defrosting can vary. For example, fruits will become soggy and will not have the same texture when defrosted so they're best used in a smoothie or porridge. Here's an idea of what you freeze.

fruit freeze pie

  • Gluten free bread, perfect toasted from the freezer.
  • Gluten free pasta and pastry dough, portion up our pasta recipe
  • Leftover herbs and chillies, simply chop, add oil or melted butter, then fill ice cube trays
  • Cheese, harder cheese freezes best
  • Milk, make sure the lid is on tight
  • Batch cooked meals, portion up for easier defrosting 
  • Cooked lentils and pulses, add straight into curries and stews while they simmer
  • Meat and Fish, easily cook from frozen.
Freezing food

Freeze food as soon as possible and make sure that all food is cool before putting it into the freezer. If you have batch cooked a meal, portion it up so not only that it cools and defrosts quicker, you won't be defrosting more than you need. Using sealable and reusable bags to portion up meals will not only mean you can label and date the food but if you flatten it as much as possible it's quicker to defrost and simpler to stack in the freezer. 

Make sure you only reheat defrosted food once. If you have cooked frozen meat and then decide to freeze leftovers, this will be fine as long as it's cool before freezing. 

Avoid freezer burn by using air tight containers or sealable freezer bags. 

Defrosting food

To defrost food safely before eating it follow these do's and don'ts


  • Ideally defrost food in the fridge
  • Use a microwave on a defrost setting
  • Check food packaging information on how to defrost correctly
  • Once defrosted eat within 24 hours


  • Defrost at room temperature
  • Defrost by running food under hot water 
  • Partially defrost food and cook

Many foods can be cooked straight from frozen and don't always need to be defrosted. Make sure the food is thoroughly cooked through before eating.


Want to know more?

For more information on freezing visit the Food Standards Agency or Love Food Hate Waste websites or get in touch

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