Christmas leftovers

With all the food at Christmas, there is always the odd slice of turkey here and the lonesome Brussel sprout rolling around the serving dish. We would hate for any of the leftovers to go to waste, so we've created a handful of mouth watering recipes that can be tweaked to include almost any Christmas leftovers! 

Remember these recipes aren't just for Christmas, remember them for Easter and other big meals when it's likely there will be left overs!

Gluten Free Cheese Toastie

These recipes can span all meals from breakfast with the leftovers hash, onto lunch with the oozing ultimate turkey and stuffing sandwich. If you've still not used up your leftovers make the chicken and broccoli pie with the herby stuffing crust and finally, if you're still hungry pick out those old crumbly mince pies and whip up some mince pie ice cream

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