Soup glorious soup!

Whether it's thick, thin, chunky or smooth we've got a soup for you! If you're looking for a healthy start to 2020, a nourishing and filling soup will do the trick or thinking of changing it up at lunch from the same old sandwich? Soups can be the answer they're a simple alternative that can be batch made eaten throughout the week. 

As we have huge selection of soups on our Home of Gluten Free Recipes, we've asked out Foodies to comb through them and pick our their favourite if your in need of some inspiration. If you're using shop bought stock, check our online food and drink directory or food and drink guide to find a suitable product for you. January Soup

Nicola has opted for this simple Pea Soup because this is a really easy to put together soup made from simple ingredients. The perfect nutritious meal for when you are in a rush. Replace the chicken stock with vegetable stock for a vegetarian option.

For Lorna her pick of the bunch is this Lentil Soup "This is a tasty soup to fill you up and keep you warm in the winter months. Lentils are a great addition to a healthy diet. They are cheap and a great source of protein, fibre and iron." 

Sam has picked out the Butternut & Sweet Potato Soup "This soup is from the gluten free on a budget.meal plan, it's cheap and easy to make and the sweet potato gives it a real velvety and comforting texture. Download the gluten free budget plan if you're looking to save some pennies in the new year"

Do you have a favourite from our collection of over 50 gluten free soups or do you have your own? Let us know on social media!

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