Recipes - Savoury

Potato Cakes

1 1/2 lbs Potatoes
3 heaped tbls Dove Plain flour
Butter to taste
Oil for frying


Boil potatoes until soft, mash with the butter and add the flour. Mix together and blend with pastry blender. 
Take some of the potato and form a roll and flatten with rolling pin to ¼ inch thickness. Cut out cake with pastry cutters. Do this with the rest of potato and fry on a greased fry pan or skillet until brown, turn and cook other side adding oil to the pan when needed. 
Leave to cool on a wire tray, pack with greaseproof paper and freeze.
Perfect with bacon or just toasted.


Thai Green Curry

Serves 4
2 teasp. gluten free Thai green curry paste
4 chicken breasts (or 8 thighs) sliced
1 small onion, finely sliced
1 green pepper sliced
1 red pepper sliced
120g Philadelphia light (or other cream cheese)
4 tblsp. semi skimmed milk

Gently heat a large non-stick pan. Add the Thai curry paste and fry the onion until it starts to brown. Stir in the sliced chicken and fry for 5-6 minutes until the chicken is cooked thorough. Add the peppers and continue cooking for 2-3 minutes until the peppers soften and the chicken is golden brown with juices running clear. Stir the cream cheese and milk through the mixture. Continue cooking gently for a smooth sauce.
Serve with Thai rice.


Spaghetti Al'Amatriciana

Serves 2
Half a green pepper
Half a red pepper
2 tblsp. olive oil
100g/4oz unsmoked bacon chopped
Half a fresh green chilli (more if liked)
2 cloves garlic
1 small tin tomatoes
1 tblsp. chopped parsley
Black pepper to taste
175g/6oz any gluten free pasta
Parmesan cheese

Heat oil in frying pan, add bacon and cook until crisp. Add peppers, chilli and garlic and cook for about  5 minutes. Stir in tomatoes and parsley and cook for a further 3 minutes. Add black pepper to taste. Cook pasta and stir in sauce. Serve with parmesan shavings.