Welcome to the Edinburgh Group Webpage!

As a long-standing thriving local support group of Coeliac UK since 1973, the Edinburgh Group are on hand to support members in various ways. We have over 1,000 members affiliated to our group living in Edinburgh, East Lothian, West Lothian and Midlothian. The Edinburgh Group also covers the Borders area until such time as a new Borders Group may be formed so all members in the Borders area are cordially invited to join the Edinburgh Group Mailing List. Please e-mail me on edinburgh@coeliac.org.uk and I can arrange your details to be affiliated to our group.

Members of the charity are, where appropriate, automatically allocated a local group on joining and this will be highlighted in your 'Account' section. That said, whilst the postcode boundaries for each local group are clearly defined, membership is more flexible. Anybody can join any local group or even join more than one! If you would like to be affiliated to a secondary group, please contact Coeliac UK who can arrange this.

Communication from our group – If you feel like you are not receiving any email communications from our group, please check your spam folder and if this isn't the problem, please contact me and I'll check out what the problem is.  Also, when you are in your Account, please check your 'My Services' section to see if you have ticked the option to receive communications from your local group, otherwise our group will not be able to contact you via email or posted newsletter due to GDPR regulations. You can update your personal details and preferences by logging into your 'Account' in the Coeliac UK website. Alternatively, you can contact Coeliac UK directly or phone the Coeliac UK Helpline.

Once you have confirmed we can communicate with you, our members are then able to receive our emails and our groups three annual Newsletters, which give regular information about our meetings and events, together with being invited to join our group’s Facebook Groups.

Support available to Newly Diagnosed Members affiliated to the Edinburgh Group;

Firstly I’d like to say hello to anyone who has just been diagnosed, has joined Coeliac UK and due to your postcode has been affiliated as a member of the Edinburgh Group – welcome!   If you would like a chat prior to coming to one of our Edinburgh Group meetings, please e mail me at edinburgh@coeliac.org.uk and we can arrange a date and time to have a chat over the phone or just via e mail.

New members do have the opportunity to come up and let themselves be known at all of our meetings and events.  Look out for the “Welcome” table, come up and “tug my sleeve” to make yourself known to me as a new member.

Once a new member has joined Coeliac UK, you will receive a Welcome e mail from me within a month of joining, provided you have ticked the box allowing communication from your local group.

Thereafter, contact from our Edinburgh group is that all members receive a Monthly Update by ecommunication, three Newsletters each year and FB link if you ask for it – all advertising our meetings, events and the chance to get a one to one phone call.

Local support is offered throughout the year to all of our members by volunteer committee of the Edinburgh Group. Everyone can remember what it was like when first diagnosed, so many questions and feeling like a fish out of water when coming along for the first time to a larger meeting!

In any one year, we hold various other meetings and events in Edinburgh, ranging from cookery demonstrations, presentations from medical professional in relation to coeliac disease, summer gluten free lunches, Christmas gluten free dinners and coeliac children parties. At all of our meetings there will be teas, coffees and gluten-free baking so join us, get to know the Committee and make new friends.

If you have any further queries re the above, please contact me; Wilma Fraser at edinburgh@coeliac.org.uk and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

Best Wishes,

Wilma Fraser – Group Organiser of Coeliac UK Edinburgh Group

Local venues

This is a map of GF (gluten-free) accredited venues and standard listings which have been recommended by our Members or the venue directly. The GfG (Gluten-free Guarantee) approved pin is used to show supermarkets that have signed up to the GfG.

Lat = 55.949146, Long = -3.1927567 Please enable javascript to see the dynamic map of results.