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Welcome to the Edinburgh Group Webpage!

During these restrictive times we are all living in just now, our group are obviously unable to hold our meetings and events as we used to do pre Covid.

These times will return again, but in the meantime the Edinburgh Group of Coeliac UK are still on hand to help where we can.   Local support is offered throughout the year to all of our members by volunteer committee of the Edinburgh Group.

As long as all members of Coeliac UK have given permission for their local group to contact them then we will have the contact details you provided Coeliac UK with including your postal address to contact you.

We do hope that as many members as possible have provided an email address as most of our interaction is done via this method.  It is also more cost effective than mailing out by post.

If you would like information sent by post, please send me an A5 Stamped Address Envelope please to help keep our costs down.

Our support to our members, until face to face meetings and events return, is by way of e mailing Monthly Newsletter Updates to all members and Monthly Welcome contact with new members.   We also have two Facebooks, which include one for parents of the coeliac children in our group, so please contact me if you are a member of Coeliac UK and have been affiliated to our local Edinburgh Group and I will send you the link to join the appropriate Facebook.

Since last year the Zoom platform seems to be one which many people in the country are using as a method of keeping in touch with family and friends.  As we think a percentage of our members may now be experienced with Zoom we thought we would use this as an additional tool to support our members – especially the newly diagnosed.

Support available to Newly Diagnosed Members affiliated to the Edinburgh Group;

Firstly I’d like to say hello to anyone who has just been diagnosed, has joined Coeliac UK and due to your postcode has been affiliated as a member of the Edinburgh Group – welcome!  

Once a new member has joined Coeliac UK, you will receive a Welcome e mail from me within a month of joining, provided you have ticked the box allowing communication from your local group.

New members will get to know of any up and coming virtual coffee and chat events with myself and the committee.

For these and any other virtual events, please check the Events section.

If you have any further queries re the above, please contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.  

Best Wishes and stay safe,  Wilma Fraser – Group Organiser of Coeliac UK Edinburgh Group

edinburgh@coeliac.org.uk    07791215981

Local venues

This is a map of GF (gluten-free) accredited venues and standard listings which have been recommended by our Members or the venue directly. The GfG (Gluten-free Guarantee) approved pin is used to show supermarkets that have signed up to the GfG.

Lat = 55.949146, Long = -3.1927567 Please enable javascript to see the dynamic map of results.