School meals and meals on wheels

School meals

Christopher East ( Wolverhampton City Council) reports there is a procedure in place for requesting gluten-free meals. 
The Assistant Catering Manager/Catering Manager meets with parents, dietician and relevant school cook. 
The parent is informed that gluten-free foods are available on prescription from their GP and parents can provide the the cook with some of those basic food items. 
The groceries supplier (currently Blakemore) carries a range of Gluten-free products which can be used as agreed with all parties concerned. 
Food is then prepared on-site by the school cook superviser.

Meals on wheels

Roger Bayliss , Facilities Manager for Social Care, Housing and Health at Wolverhampton City Council, reports Coeliacs have two options for receiving gluten-free meals on wheels. 
There are 23 gluten-free options available on the weekly delivery of pre-ordered frozen meals. 
The daily hot meals delivery service also includes a gluten-free option.

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