Food and Drink Guide

  • Shopping for gluten free food is made easy with Coeliac UK's Food and Drink Guide.
  • It contains foods that you can eat if you have coeliac disease.
  • Remember to keep your printed Guide up to date with updates we provide.

FDG 2024Shopping for gluten free food is made easy with Coeliac UK's Food and Drink Guide, part of our wider Food Information Service which gives you reliable, independent and timely information to live well gluten free. Our online Food and Drink information can be accessed by logging in as a member and via our Live Well Gluten Free app.

Our digital tools provide the most up to date information including ingredients lists and nutritional information. You can also refine your product search by any other dietary preferences you may have.

The Food and Drink Guide is split into two sections:

Section 1

  • Lists gluten free products certified with our Crossed Grain licence, your quick reference to safe gluten free products.
  • List of products available on prescription, after changes to prescribing policies in England we’ve updated the prescribable products lists so it’s easier for you to identify the products that are available to you. We have further information on the changes to prescriptions in England.
  • You'll find a list of ready made products that you have highlighted as important to us such as breakfast cereals, pasta, noodles, soups, stocks and gravies.  
  • Reference list of brands that produce products labelled gluten free. 

 Section 2

  • Lists foods made without gluten containing ingredients and with controls in place to minimise the risk of cross contamination with gluten containing ingredients.
  • Foods in this section include supermarket own brand foods, we have listed nine different supermarkets.
  • A reference list of everyday food brands such as soups, sauces and ready meals.

You may find that some of your favourite products are not listed in this year’s Guide. We provide product information on over 150,000 gluten free and mainstream products by contacting over 200 manufacturers and sourcing product information from a third party, NeilsonIQ Brandbank. Note, Tesco products can be found solely within our digital services.

If you can’t find a particular brand or product within our services this may be because they have not provided us nor NeilsonIQ Brandbank with information. It might also be because the product contains gluten.  If you have any further questions please see our frequently asked questions or contact us.

Keeping your Guide up to Date 

It is important to check for updates as products do change and many new products are added throughout the year. Product information on our digital versions are updated in real time however we also provide monthly updates to the Food and Drink Guide and these can be found on the link via the Food and Drink Information page on our website.

We also provide food alerts through our Live Well Gluten Free app, social media platforms and on the Food alerts page on our website.