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Frequently Asked Questions

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I've noticed that 'barley malt extract' is on the ingredients list of a breakfast cereal which is listed in the Food and Drink Directory. Can I eat it?

There are a number of supermarket own brand breakfast cereals which contain a very small amount of barley malt extract. They are tested to make sure that they only contain a level of gluten which can be included in a gluten free diet (20 parts per million or less). Some retailers have their own Free From breakfast cereals too. These are listed in the Food and Drink Directory in the Breakfast cereals chapter.

How many hours do you require from volunteers?

It’s entirely up to you how many hours you can give. There are a range of roles requiring different amounts of time – from long term involvement in the Local Voluntary Support Groups to one off projects.

How can my small contribution make a difference?

Amounts both large and small can help make a real difference to the lives of those with coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. We are grateful for any amount raised and we put funds raised towards research, campaigns and support for our Members.

Where does the money I raise go?

The funds raised by our Members play a vital part in the service we offer people with coeliac disease.

  • We provide information and support to over 60,000 Members
  • We campaign to improve diagnosis, for improved follow up care and safe food.
  • We fund research into the disease, new treatments and potential cures.
  • We also work closely with healthcare professionals and build unique networks with food manufacturers, retailers and caterers.

Why are fundraisers so important to Coeliac UK?

We rely on the generosity of our Members and supporters to raise income as the Charity receives no government funding. Our fundraisers not only raise essential funds for the Charity, but they also raise much needed awareness about coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis and the gluten-free diet. 

I have registered for an event; can I raise money for Coeliac UK?

Yes! We are always delighted to hear from individuals who have secured a place in an event. Whether you are running 5km or swimming across Lake Windermere, we would like to hear from you. Download our sponsorship form for offline donations or create a fundraising page at JustGiving. JustGiving is an easy and effective way to collect your sponsorship money without having to worry about chasing your donors after the event. Don’t forget to get touch with Fundraising Team to let us know about your fundraising efforts.

What mobile phones will the app work on?

This app will work on iPhone models 4 and above and Android smartphones that can download apps from the Google Play store.

Blackberry devices are included in the Google Playstore list however they are not compatible with Gluten free food checker.

Do you have charity places in the London Marathon? How do I get a place?

Coeliac UK has charity places in a number of events, but places are limited. See our full list of events.

For the London and Brighton Marathon you will need to complete an application form, please email to register your interest.

Can the Community pharmacy supply of gluten-free foods toolkit be used for individual GP dispensing practices?

It would be difficult to set up a pharmacy led supply scheme as an independent. If you are interested in setting up a pharmacy led supply scheme we would recommend speaking with your local Clinical Commissioning Group and other GP surgeries in your area to consider the potential for collaboration.

Items supplied on prescription are reimbursed through the national Prescription Pricing Department (PPD). The PPD receives all prescriptions dispensed and reimburses individual pharmacies and GP dispensaries accordingly.The cost of each prescription is taken from the appropriate GP surgery prescribing budget. In Northamptonshire, when the pharmacy led supply scheme was introduced in 2006, the funds came from the existing Primary Care Trust (PCT) prescribing budget.

What’s the difference between a gift and a donation?

Giving a donation to Coeliac UK covers both one off donations and regular amounts you decide to contribute. A gift is an amount of money you donate to us in place of receiving a gift for events such as birthdays, weddings or anniversaries and the funds will be made up of donations from your friends or family. To read more about these types of donations, take a look at our pages on gifts.

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