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What is Coeliac UK currently campaigning for?

Coeliac UK is campaigning on a range of issues that affect those with coeliac disease. These range from issues around improving diagnosis rates through to getting more gluten-free substitute food into stores.

We are campaigning on the issues most important to our Members and our community. These issues include improving diagnosis, keeping gluten-free prescriptions within the NHS, creating more choice for people with coeliac disease through better provision in shops and restaurants.

How long does a campaign run for?

We run campaigns for as long as they are needed to achieve their goals.

How does your work influence decisions that affect people with coeliac disease?

We are often consulted on areas of concern for people with coeliac disease and DH. This includes working with the Food Standards Agency, Department of Health and National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE).

Can the Community pharmacy supply of gluten-free foods scheme be followed in rural and urban areas?

There is no reason why this scheme cannot be successful in either rural or urban areas. Using an online claim service would ensure efficiency and that GP dispensaries work to the same enhanced service contract as the pharmacies.

Can I download the app onto my iPad, Kindle Fire and other tablets?

The app can be downloaded on to an iPad but the barcode scanner may not work.

How is the Charity funded?

The Charity depends on a variety of funding streams. Our Members pay a small fee, to contribute to the costs of the services they receive, and we rely on donations and other fundraising activities too. We work with our commercial partners by offering advertising and sponsorship opportunities and we apply for grants from trusts and government organisations such as the Food Standards Agency and the Health Foundation.

How can I become involved in campaigns?

Anyone can get involved in campaigning and it is easier than you think. By writing a letter to your MP or signing a petition, you could be making an essential contribution to a campaign. Have a look at our campaign pages and check out the latest action we need help with.

What is special about Coeliac UK?

Coeliac UK is the only national Charity supporting people with coeliac disease in the UK. It is also the biggest coeliac society in the world and regularly shares knowledge and advice with international colleagues. What’s more, in 2005 Coeliac UK funded the largest ever series of research projects into coeliac disease.

Are there any incentives for pharmacists taking part in the Community pharmacy supply of gluten-free foods scheme?

Introducing a pharmacy led supply scheme allows better stock control of gluten-free foods for pharmacists as well as providing a more flexible service to improve the patient experience.

Pharmacists and GP dispensaries are paid a service charge at six monthly intervals for each patient who accesses the service. When the scheme in Northamptonshire was introduced it was run as an Enhanced Service with funding for this element of the contract coming from Primary Care Contracting budgets.