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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does the money come from to fund research?

The money comes from Membership fees, donations, legacies or external grants we have applied for.

How much does Coeliac UK spend on funding research?

We aim to spend 5% of our income on research. The amount can increase in line with donations, receipt of legacies and external grants.

I would like to donate money for research into coeliac disease, who do I contact?

Our Fundraising Team will be able to help you. Please phone 01494 796127 or email

Do you conduct research at Coeliac UK or do you only fund research?

Most of our research is carried out externally however we do run a number of projects ourselves, some with the help of our Members and Research Volunteers.

Surely a breadcrumb wouldn’t hurt someone with coeliac disease?

Even very small amounts of gluten can be damaging to people with coeliac disease. Therefore, taking sensible steps to avoid cross contamination with gluten is important.

Do the new rules apply to deli counters in supermarkets?

Yes. Food businesses selling foods that are loose, i.e. not wrapped, must provide allergen information. This applies to deli counters and other environments like butchers, fishmongers and salad bars.

Does coeliac disease only affect Europeans?

Coeliac disease affects all ethnic groups and is common in Europe and North America, as well as in southern Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and South America.

Is there any advice for people with coeliac disease who are pregnant?

Pregnancy holds no greater risks for women diagnosed with coeliac disease than those without, but it is important you follow a strict gluten-free diet and make sure you get a good intake of calcium and iron.

Are there any incentives for pharmacists taking part in the Community pharmacy supply of gluten-free foods scheme?

Introducing a pharmacy led supply scheme allows better stock control of gluten-free foods for pharmacists as well as providing a more flexible service to improve the patient experience.

Pharmacists and GP dispensaries are paid a service charge at six monthly intervals for each patient who accesses the service. When the scheme in Northamptonshire was introduced it was run as an Enhanced Service with funding for this element of the contract coming from Primary Care Contracting budgets.

When I press ‘Take me there’ I’m taken out of the app.

Unfortunately iPhone apps do not fully integrate Google Maps but use their capability which means that Google Maps will open separately to provide directions. If you go back to your homepage screen and tap our app icon you will go back to the page that you left the app from.

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