Christmas Mains

This year, we've gone all our on our Christmas mains just for you. Whether you Christmas dinner is a traditional Turkey, you like to mix it up with something different or, you may need to cater for vegetarians or vegans we've got an option for you.

Like our classic roast potatoes, a Christmas mains line up would not be complete without the Christmas Turkey. Take a look at the hints and tips to find out how big you should go? To go whole turkey vs crown? The benefits of fresh or frozen?  And a cooking Guide for the perfect turkey. 

Christmas Turkey 1200 x 897

For those entertaining for more than one dietary requirement our Vegan Wellington is an absolute winner and makes a delicious change to a nut roast. Packed full of lovely sweet potato, chestnuts, mushrooms and more this option does not miss out on the flavour. Wrapped in a gluten free puff pastry which can easily be shop bought, topped with seeds and soya milk for the perfect finish. 

Vegan Wellington 1200 x 897

If you’re looking for beef on a budget, this Spiced Beef Brisket is a great option to serve. It does take a while to cook but the flavour is wonderful. Just cover it with the rub, wrap the meat in foil, place it in the oven on low heat, and leave it whilst you get on with other things. If you want to try curing your beef, we have added this as an option for you. If you enjoy the spiced rub try this on other cuts of beef.  Spiced Beef Brisket

Cooking a Ham is very popular at Christmas time. It’s ideal for Christmas Night or Boxing Day as it can be served hot or cold. The recipe is for a 2kg joint and you can amend your cooking time if you want to do a smaller or larger joint, find out how in the recipe. It’s best to score the skin before roasting to help render down the fat. For ease of carving we recommend choosing a gammon joint which has no bone and is already rolled.

Christmas Ham 1200 x 897Our gluten free Christmas recipe inspiration doesn't stop there, we've plenty more! If you're looking for edible gifts, more sides, ways with potatoes, sharing platters or desserts we've got you covered! Or explore our Christmas Market for all things gluten free this Christmas. 


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