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We understand that our community might be finding it hard to find gluten free pasta and bread in the shops at the moment, we have recipes that can help fill that gap.


Gluten Free White LoafGluten Free Bread

Bake the white or brown loaf Use for toast, sandwiches or even some eggy bread for breakfast or bread and butter pudding for dessert. We also have recipes for soda and sour dough bread if you've master the white loaf.   


Soft Gluten Free Brown Loaf






Gluten Free Pasta DoughPasta Dough

This pasta dough is versatile and can be used for many difference dishes. Try the pasta with a mushroom sauce or use it in the Tagliatelle with a rich ragu. We have plenty more pasta recipes that you can use this in on our home of gluten free recipes just search "pasta". Follow Louise making this simple pasta dough.



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