2012 Group AGM minutes

Trent Group, Coeliac UK

Minutes of the eleventh AGM held 12th May 2012




Committee members;  Jenny Richardson, Mike Lewis, Chris Salt and Tony Harris

Also present 31 members/visitors.

Apologies received from committee members Mrs. Joyce Walker, Mrs. Amanda McGreal and members Mrs. Jenny Thorpe and Mrs. Jeanne Fairfield.

Minutes of the previous AGM held on 14th May 2011

Jenny Richardson read out the minutes of the last AGM.

Proposed as a true record of the meeting  by Mrs. Bannister; seconded by Mrs. Mann.

Group Organiser’s Report

Jenny read out the group organiser’s report and confirmed that there were 750 members in the Trent Group and all had been sent the report; approximately 60% by e-mail and the remainder by post. She also thanked the secretary for her forward thinking in purchasing postage stamps before the price rise.

Treasurer’s report.

Mike Lewis read out the treasurer’s report in the absence of Mrs. Joyce Walker.

There were no questions or queries about it.

Re-election of Committee

All committee members stood down. Members present were asked if they would like to join the committee. After there was no response from those present, it was proposed that the committee was re-elected. This was carried unanimously by those present.


On behalf of “100 leg Trek”, Jenny asked for interested people to sign the sponsorship form. A quarter of the money raised would be donated to the Coeliac UK.  

Date of next AGM

It was proposed that the next AGM would be on Saturday18th May 2013 at Mickleover if the room was available.

Jenny then introduced Mark and Rebecca from “Glebe Farm” who gave a cookery demonstration followed by the sale of their goods.